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HI readers

HI-publishing readers receive:

  • always the best book in its field available, so HI-publishing readers get a 30-day-no-good-money-back-guarantee regardless of where your bought your book;
  • an extensive word index in all non-fiction books;
  • the best quality materials and bookbindings, made in the Netherlands and Germany;
  • books that are printed in accordance with the ISO 14001 criteria, are CO2 neutral, and are printed on FSC-certified paper approved by the Forest Stewardship Council;
  • the characteristic white ribbon bookmark sewed into the binding of all non-fiction books;
  • active pre-publication readers' participation through dedicated readers' panels.


HI readers' panels

HI-publishing has two dedicated readers' panels:


  • the parents panel - for feedback on HI-publishing's children's books; and,
  • the investment panel - for feedback on HI-publishing's investment books.


Participation in these groups is free of charge. As a registered member you'll get:


  • a 10% discount on all new HI-publishing books;
  • receive advance sneak previews from manuscripts under development; and,
  • the possibility to participate by giving early stage feedback on content and design of new HI-publishing manuscripts.


To become a registered member, all you have to do is send a short e-mail message stating the panel(s) you'd like to participate in.


HI books

All of HI-publishing e-books are exclusively sold through Apple's iBook Store.



HI-publishing donates 6% of its profits to various charities.


HI discounts, reproduction rights, customised special editions

The maximum under Dutch law legally allowed discounts are available from 10 books or more per order to be delivered at the same address. Contact HI-publishing with your order for further details.


Furthermore, HI-publishing has a special corporate marketing programme in which you can customize existing HI-publishing books in a special corporate edition designed for your corporation's employees and / or clients. Examples of the available customization options are: an especially designed paper dust cover, an extra foreword or afterword written by, for example, the chairman of your corporation's board of directors or its CEO. Contact HI-publishing for more information.


For educational purposes HI-publishing has a very accommodating stance with regard to the use by schools, seminars and universities of fragments from its books in syllabi and study material. However, make sure you ask and obtain the needed written consent before using any fragments, tables and/or graphs from one or more HI-publishing books in your teaching programme. If you do this in a timely fashion, HI-publishing will not charge you any reproduction fees for a (both in scope and number of copies) limited use of fragments from one or more HI-publishing books. In all other cases the Dutch Syllabus Directive ('readerregeling') is legally applicable to all uses of copyright falling under Dutch law, execution and supervision of which is put into the hands of Stichting PRO.


In the case of either Dutch and / or international infringements of its copyrights, HI-publishing will always and automatically file charges under the applicable criminal law. HI-publishing will furthermore in such instances preserve all its rights under the applicable commercial laws, among which (but not necessarily limited to): withholding consent to all prior and further reproductions, filing for destruction of all the already published reproductions for which no advance consent was given, claiming full charges for the illegally used reproductions - including claiming all applicable indemnifications, legal fees and interest charges.


HI contact

‚ÄčYou can contact HI-publishing at:

You can contact HI-publishing at:

You can contact HI-publishing at: